Classical , World  Fusion, Spanish Guitar


" In ‘Adore’ Joseph Sullinger has created a unique blend of classical and romantic guitar which allows each of the slightly ethereal pieces to flow gently into the soul, in a style that is as timeless and pleasurable as the setting sun in the evening, the rhythmic ebb and flow of the ocean, the all-pervasive knowledge that music is the very essence of life."

"Each of the tracks is simple perfection."

​​​​Joseph Sullinger

New Album 

Adore: Classical and Romantic World Guitar 

Release Date - February 14, 2016

​Composed by Joseph Sullinger

New Album - Popular Classical Guitar Vol. 3

​Popular Classical Guitar Vol. 3 is the third volume of the Popular Classical Guitar series featuring award nominated guitarist Joseph Sullinger performing music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, and Contemporary periods.  21 songs including four original compositions by Sullinger.  Track 6: Romance, track 9: Rocío, track 11: In the Evening, and track 14: Mi Amor (a new recording of the 2008 release from Eroica Classical Recordings).