"Alluringly romantic and beautiful, “Adore” will appeal greatly to those who are particularly fond of classical and Spanish-style guitar music as well as new age world fusion!"


Latest Release 

Adore: Classical and Romantic World Guitar 

Release Date - February 14, 2016

​Composed by Joseph Sullinger

                                          New Album

Profundo: Romantic Music for the Spanish Classical Guitar

                                         Coming 2017

Classical , World  Fusion, Spanish Guitar

"In ‘Adore’ Joseph Sullinger has created a unique blend of classical and romantic guitar, which allows each of the slightly ethereal pieces to flow gently into the soul, in a style that is as timeless and pleasurable as the setting sun in the evening, the rhythmic ebb and flow of the ocean, the all-pervasive knowledge that music is the very essence of life." 

                             Janet Mawdesley - Blue Wolf Reviews

"Adore is the much awaited album by Joseph Sullinger, it may have been several years since Earth Voyage, but this has been worth the wait.  Adore is a smooth delightful companion of compositions, that is both masterfully played and brilliantly produced.  As always anything Joseph Sullinger touches turns to musical gold.  A guaranteed winner with lovers of the acoustic instrumental genre and those of us who just adore, really good music, played with style and heart."

​​​​Joseph Sullinger