"For those of you like me, who love all things guitar, especially acoustic, you will revel in each and every technically brilliant movement of this release. Joseph Sullinger has produced another masterpiece."

                                                                         Steve Sheppard, One World Music

​​​​Joseph Sullinger

Joseph is a professional guitarist and expert in live solo guitar entertainment. His repertoire includes classical, popular music of various genres, Spanish guitar, and Christmas music during the holiday season.  

He does most of his performing in the USA and Mexico and is available internationally for special occasions, private events, weddings, restaurants and resorts. 

Please use the contact page for booking inquiries.

Classical , World  Fusion, Spanish Guitar

Art of Acoustic,

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"The technical aspects of the artist’s performance here are sublime"

​"There can be no doubt that Joseph Sullinger is one of the most talented

acoustic guitarist around today"  Steve Sheppard-One World Radio

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Previous Release - Profundo 2017

New Release: Art of Acoustic Now Available

Featured on Christmas Peaceful Guitar,

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